Monday, April 30, 2012

God has faith in you

It has long been argued that the existence of evil in this world is evidence that God does not exist because if God existed then evil would not because, after all, God (by definition) is all powerful and all knowing. If He is all knowing, then He would know that bad was about to happen and stop it. If He does not, then it means He's incapable and therefore not all powerful. But what if that's not it? What if bad things happen because God chooses to let them? Does that make Him evil or bad? Before you answer, consider this....

Picture, if you will, that God is a doting different than any other loving, concerned parent. Our thoughts are the diary laying closed on the nightstand. He could know everything in the depths of our hearts, all He has to do is open the book and read. But if He did, our trust in Him would forever be destroyed. And if He acted on the knowledge contained within, forced us to bend our wills until they were His then what point would it serve? We would be no better than puppets or slaves. No, God sees the journal laying there on the table, lays a loving hand on top of it, bows His head and quietly says, "I have faith in you to do the right thing".

God has the ability to be all knowing, He just chooses not to be so that we have a choice. God wants us to love Him because we want to, not because He told us to. That choice comes with a price. And God sacrifices much, because not only is He choosing to give up His all-knowing ability, but He's also taking the blame for a lot of things that could have been prevented if He was all knowing. So, the next time somebody wrongs you or hurts you, don't blame God. Thank God for the life lesson. Thank God it wasn't worse. Thank God for the good times and for the support during the bad. But don't blame Him for being a loving parent. Blame the person who wronged you for breaking God's faith in them and know that God will make it up to you. And when times are difficult or you're tempted to do somebody wrong, remember that God has faith in you to be strong and do the right thing.

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